Monday, December 04, 2006

Caity - Version Deux

So, er, where to begin... after a two-month hiatus, where we left off is I guess a good start, eh what?! Well, we were on Soraksan and man, we have so many more things to tell! Anyhoo, first things first, here's the rest of our trip basically: we got to the top of a mountain in Soraksan and I wish I could say we hiked it ourselves. Sadly, but fun-ly, we took a gondola to see these pretty amazing sights.

This picture above is of the city of Sokcho, and the Sea of Japan (or, being a big thing of dispute, the Sea of Korea) behind.
Ah, can you not hear Gandalf calling from the mountains to Frodo? Tee hee. I personally thought it was a magical experience. But, that is now in the distant past. Too bad you readers had to wait so long for it!
Standing in stark juxtaposition to this is another "best" of another world: that of knitting! Caitlin was in paradise once we got to Dongdaemun and hit up the world of fabric and yarn.
Isn't it just fantastic!! This is where Caits found a very good deal on pricey mohair - in blue! (Steer your eyes away from the somewhat exposed manikin and see plastic bag to the right, all you knitting fans!) This is the hugest fabricland I think we'd both ever been to, in a humungoid basement-level warehouse. Everything is cramped and very very busy.
A very good example of Konglish (or I guess you could say Engkong or something as "Konglish" refers to English words read in Korean symbols). In Insadong, peeps. Remember that J&J, N&L? Fun times were had, uh? Uh? and Sebas? Eh? And now Caits too.
It's fun being a tourist in your own city when fam/friends come. We don't do it so much now but we defs wanna get back into it (ha ha, made up a new word!)! Here's the Chungyecheon Stream, by City Hall. Very beautifully sculpted area where a big highway used to run through. Before this, of course, it was a natural river. They did a good job with it, we thinks!
The three of us at Namsan Tower, also a place we'd not been to beforehand. Adrian looks hot, btw.
Well, and why not pose a little more? Well, well, well.
more sisterly poses for the camera. Miss you Caits! Wish you were here with us in Korea. You left a big hole in our lives.
Did we leave one in yours?