Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crazy Friday!!!

Things are going well in Korea... but Hilary has been acting a BIT strange of late.

Some NIFTY action in March... a short recap full of shortitude

Ok, good golly, what happened to March dudes?! Huh?! Good question. Well, here's a super sweet update of... all that time.

First off, we headed out Olympic Park way to enjoy the sights that we attempted to see last February with Geoff. T'was bitter cold last year, but thankfully it was a great day this time. Ha weather!! We showed you!!
Look public art! What a catchy name!
And then me and Mikey got all manly on a wheel.

And some little punks decided to chase us away with sticks. This country is FULL with hooligans.
Look at them with their savage glares and stick-waving!!!
We saw this sign and had to take a picture. I mean, if it's the world's most perky hip hop show, that DEFINITELY something worth remembering.Here's the park area. It's kind of funny because the only place you find people doing park stuff is actually roped off. Hooligans I tell you.
And the ground was burned all around here. Better than mowing I suppose, and double fun because you can write in it!
And then, of course, what March is complete without St. Patty's?! Who knows. The foreigners all went a-traipsing 'round Seoul to the utter confusion of the Koreans, who have never heard of this green Saint or his day. Though it is sad for them, it was great for us as Colin and Anne threw a bash at their place followed by the Wolfhound, an Irish pub with a respectable home-brewed pint, for frolicking among the crowds.

I love Mark (left) and Col's (that's the back of his fine noggin, right) get-ups. They did bring their green hats.

In fact, the sheer amount of stellar 'bean pods' (thank you!) inspired Hilary to grab a new chapeau the following day in Myeongdong.
And really, who gets a new hat without getting a latte? Oh man... what have I become...

Later in March, or maybe it was April by this time, we're not quite sure, we visited the Seodaemun prison, where the Japanese imprisoned and tortured Korean patriots during the occupation. It wasn't one of the most cheery visits we've experienced, but it was educational and historical. So we got a donut.

Lastly, we finally fixed up our bike, went for a ride, and decided to make a movie.

A While Back...

Ah yes, we have lately experienced a relative hiatus of blogginess, and it has come time again for a splurginess of blogginess. I just used that word 2 TIMES in one sentence!!! Sweet monkey.

Well, what oh what shall we write down here? The last two months have simply flown by like a wee little birdy... comings and goings of more teachers, Korea finally waking up from its fluctuating winter, and a wonderful time throughout.

Our friend Mitchell, stylist-extraordinaire and singer-of-cool-songs, (this is he)

took his leave jubilantly back in February. After a year and 3 months, he headed back to PEI for some real milk, good beef, and a little of Wendy's mom's baked goods. But of course, before he flew away (with 4 stopovers on his way back), he held a party. And oh, t'was a goodly one.

The loverly Hil

Mitch, with Chantel and Mikey... 'looking on with mirth' as they say...

Oh my goodness! Where did these two fine people come from? Oh wait! It's us. Riiiight.

And Jin, our coworker and ohsomuch fun!

Korea has been a great place to get to know new people and form good friendships with solid and enjoyable dudes.

Except for these guys. I barely know who they are.

No, I jest. I know who they are.

And Edith, half of the Texan quotient at Topia: we like her.

And here's Mitchell, and Hilary, singing a lovely version of Lakme's 'Flower Duet'.

Good times were had by all, once again, but we were very sad to see Mitchell go. Happy for him (minus the airline transfers along the way), but sad to see such a great guy leave Junggye-dong. Argh. But now he's in Toronto, or at least on his way there, and we do hope that our paths will cross again!

Another day in February, after church, Hil and I went with Ian and Dorothy to their villa in Itaewon. It's a stellar pad, and they've got the cutest little granddaughter, Nunni; she's a bottle of fun and other than showing us her love for "Lord of the Dance", she also enlightened us to the benefits of making up rules for a game only you know. Interestingly enough, all the rules helped her win and us lose. Hmmmm. Cutie. She's just so dang adorable.
This is after her victory. Don't mind the tall guy; I look like a squirrel who just found a nut... but I do that in most pictures, so you're probably all used to that by now.

Other than the usual run of things, we bought a yoga ball and used it a few times. The sheer INSANITY of it all!! How SUPER COOL!

And then, it was March.