Tuesday, February 28, 2006

...and a pic of street squid - pre-death. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hil's new friend, Mr. Octopus! Soooo cute and he fits right in her spoon! :) Posted by Picasa

It's everyone's favorite treat, it's STREET MEAT!!!! They come in a multitutde of flavors such as "chicken" and "pork" and... ya gotta hope someone took the Korean equivalent of Foods 8 cuz dude, it's some meat on a stick stuck in boiling oil on a street in Seoul. And it's delicious. Posted by Picasa

And if you ever thought the world could not get enough of our favorite kung-fu star, then oh by golly check out who's got a restaurant chain!!!!! It's sad that Bruce Lee never had the same idea. Just imagine: Enter the Dragon-burgers, Fist of Fury Frenchfries and Aiiiiiyoooooahhhhhhh-milkshakes. Posted by Picasa

We call this picture "Hilary with pink-face boy outside a museum" Posted by Picasa

Again in the Leeum, but zis time we're in an artistic hallway. Note the lighting. Quite artistic, eh what? Posted by Picasa

This is one of those, ya know, tall spiralling echo chambers that looks like an inside-out tower in the Leeum museum. The museum had neat pots from the 1300's and other such old things... t'was very neato! Posted by Picasa

Here I am...with a lampost.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

This is some random boy in the subway who was staring at us so Jamie and Hilary distracted him while Jennica snuck around and I took the shot. I think he learned his lesson all right. We make a pretty good team :) Posted by Picasa

Yes, that's right: the Korean version of 'The Producers'. I just love the Nazi dude at right (a Korean nazi -pretty rare in Seoul so I've heard). Unfortunately we missed the show but OH MY GOODNESS how COOL is Korea?!?! Posted by Picasa

Eine Kleine loverly Hil and the most excellent Jennica, shopping away like rabbits. Posted by Picasa

A little place you've never heard of called Heywa...where flashy Korean signs flow like gravy... Posted by Picasa

me and Adge next to a blob of Korean mosaic poo. How cool is this country?! Posted by Picasa

Awesome morning shot of Adge and our school building we work in! We were there from 9-5:30 daily for the whole month of Jan. Posted by Picasa

A lovely up-close office shot of me and our Canadian co-workers (from left: Hilary - spelled the same and everything!, myself and Wendy!) Posted by Picasa

Yet another spectacular view of one of the surrounding mountains! Posted by Picasa

these buildings are pretty much the exact replica of ours, with the water tower we all share (all the 500 block buildings). Posted by Picasa

our neighborhood-ish - sort of close to our place, anyway Posted by Picasa

Here's one apartment shot of our living room... big and bare! But equipped with a brand-new TV set. Posted by Picasa

Here's the Anglican Church we've been going to on Sundays... it's a pretty large, older building (like, beginning of the century man!), and the chapel is very small on the inside. It's right across the street from City Hall. Posted by Picasa

...and our apartment building.  Posted by Picasa

Looking our on our street from ye old Outback Steakhouse... Posted by Picasa

So this is the loverly mountain just across the road from our loverly apartment building. We keep saying we want to climb the thing, but the crazy cold weather has kept us in our warm apartment. We're not lazy. Seriously. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

Our First Month!!

Well, here we are in the very beginning of February, looking back on our first almost WHOLE month (being January!). We're uber-new at the whole blog thingy, but I'm sure we'll get better as time rolls on. Getting to the pictures ...